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As you may have noticed, we’re undergoing some changes.  As a result, things might be a bit disorganized and the site may behave strangely or be offline from time to time.  This is only temporary until we can get everything in place in the new layout.  Thanks for your understanding.


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If you happen to live in the Minneapolis metropolitan area you are in luck as most of our events take place here.  With that said, we’ll also post other events that may be of interest to S-Car owners from around the globe.  If you’re hosting an S-Car related event and would like to see it shared here, please contact us.


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Welcome to the newly updated S-CARS.ORG site.  We’re going back to our roots in 2014!  When we originally created this site back in 1998 it was focused primarily on the original series of S-Cars.  For 2014 we’ve decided to move back to focusing on Audi’s legendary 20 valve five cylinder automobiles.  We’ll be focusing primarily on 200 quattro 20 valve, UrS4, UrS6, S2, Sport Quattro and RS2 models.

It isn’t that we don’t have an appreciation for the newer models, we just don’t have the editorial capacity (or free time) to keep up with every S and RS model that is out there.  Our Registry will remain open to ALL S and RS owners but our site content will turn towards our roots once again.  We will still be posting Audi press releases regarding some of the new S and RS models but that will likely be the extent of our content for them.

We hope you like our new (old) direction and would welcome you to join our content team if you think you’d like to be a part of it.  Drop us a line below if you’d like to be a content or FAQ editor.

Darin Nederhoff

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Please add your vehicle to our registry. Owners of multiple vehicles will have to enter one at a time.

About the S-CAR Registry: We established the original Audi S series owner registry back in the late nineties and it has undergone several different revisions since then. We’ve decided to revive the registry in hopes of seeing how many of these vehicles are still left on the roads. Think of it as a global census of sorts. Please help us spread the word so that we can get as much data as possible in hopes of determining the “survival rate” of these cars. Thank you and safe travels!

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Despite the snooty sounding name (hey, at least we’re classy) this group exists for those of you who own one or more of Audi’s vintage legendary 20 valve five cylinder automobiles. UrS4, UrS6, S2, 200 quattro 20 valve, Sport Quattro and RS2 owners are all welcome.

This isn’t a group about modding for the most power although modified cars aren’t shunned here. The group is about dealing with the challenges of driving and maintaining some of Audi’s rarer models which seem to get rarer by the day. If you are determined to keep your classic 20 valver on the road and perhaps restore it to full glory this is the place for you.

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